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The History of Reith & Associates

In 1914 Alvin McCauley Brown began his insurance practice selling Accident and Sickness policies to area farmers. He formed the A.M. Brown Insurance Agency. 

Over the years as the practice grew with products and services evolving to reflect changes in the industry. 

1917 The A.M. Brown Insurance Agency moved to St.Thomas, located at 2 Southwick Street. 

1961 Harold Jackson, Alvin Brown’s cousin, left his position as a Field Inspector with a major Canadian insurer to join the agency.

1962 Reith & Jackson Insurance Agency Limited was formed when Harold Jackson’s son-in-law, Dan Reith Sr., joined the Agency and the practice was acquired and the name changed to reflect new ownership and Mr. Brown’s retirement. 

Over the next decade the agency grew through a number of acquisitions and structured partnerships.  In late 1973 Harold Jackson retired and Jerry Beavis took partnership after merging his agency with Reith & Jackson.  The practice changed its operating name to Reith & Beavis Insurance Agency Limited.

1981 Provincial regulation introduced a new regulatory authority to govern and provide professional oversight.  This authority:  The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). Subsequent to the establishment of RIBO insurance agencies were subject to higher professional standards of practice and education and were identified as brokers.  This regulatory change caused the firm to rebrand as Reith & Beavis Insurance Brokers Limited.     

1987 after the acquisition of George S. McLachlan Insurance, the brokerage updated its brand to Reith & Associates Insurance Brokers Limited.

1992 the brokerage welcomed Dan Reith Jr., and in 1994 his brother Darren Reith.  At this time the brokerage changed its operating name to Reith & Associates Insurance and Financial Services Limited to reflect the expansion of products and services with the introduction of the life insurance and investment services team.   

Brothers, Dan and Darren Reith have led the brokerage since December 2000.  The Reith & Associates team is a blend of passionate professionals uniquely trained and qualified to take care of the people and property that matter most to you while remaining dedicated to the family tradition of providing an exceptional client experience.

Today, the brokerage distinguishes itself by its Unique Process—Mission to Your Prosperity TM—it’s exclusive Discovery Method of data collection and providing all insurance and financial services under one roof.  The brokerage is proud to be the most awared and celebrated insurance provider in their community.

Thank you for considering Reith & Associates.