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Switching to Reith & Associates

For some, the issue is not changing insurance companies it is about finding the right insurance broker.  

When you find that you are satisfied with your insurance company but dissatisfied with your current broker and are ready to make the change to Reith & Associates* you can work directly with one of our Broker/Advisors to make the switch.  Whether your current broker no longer represents your insurance company or if you are unsatisfied with the service, finding the right representation is easier than you think; it can be done in two simple steps:

  1. Anytime you want to change your broker while keeping your coverage, you have a 30 day window during your renewal period to easily make the change.  Contact one of our Broker/Advisors in advance to let them know you want to make the change and they will complete the paperwork to send to your insurance company.
  2.  If you have received notification that your current broker will no longer be able to offer the policy or they are no longer representing a specific insurer, you also have a 30 day window in which you can switch brokers to keep your current policy active and remain with your insurer. Once you receive notification, contact our office immediately and one of our Broker/Advisors will complete the paperwork to send to your insurance company.

Once the transfer is made we will  arrange a time to meet to review the coverage and survey your current situation to ensure the policy continues to reflect your needs and expectations.

Contact our office today for more information on how you can make the switch.

*Broker transfers are restricted.  The insurance company that underwrites your policy must have a contractural relationship with the broker you are seeking to transfer your policy to.  In cases where your preferred broker does not represent your current insurer a transfer is not possible.