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Dan Authors and Publishes Book; Home Insurance Simplified

For many homeowners, the idea of purchasing a home insurance policy can simply feel like another added expense. But a house is much more than mere building materials—it is where we turn when we seek warmth, security, and timeless memories.

Over the past year I have worked diligently to produce an important work that serves as an educational tool, providing an insider’s perspective for home insurance buyers to assist them in purchasing the home insurance policy that is a right fit for them. This is why I have authored and published an important consumer help book: Home Insurance Simplified: The Facts You Need to Buy the Right Policy. 

With Home Insurance Simplified, you can find easy to follow steps on how to make sure one of your biggest investments in life is one that will last a lifetime. Home Insurance Simplified provides you with easy-to-use tips regarding insurance, helping you understand;

  • How to select the best home insurance policy based on your needs, not the lowest price
  • Why you should take the time to understand your home insurance policy
  • How to find a qualified insurance broker or provider who has your best interest in mind.

Home Insurance contracts can be complex and confusing. Don’t let this stop you from protecting the largest asset in your life.

In Home Insurance Simplified you will provide the answers to these questions and many more:

  • Can I customize a home insurance policy to fit my family’s needs?
  • Are all home insurance policies created equal?
  • If home insurance is unregulated, how can I make sure I am getting a good deal?

It is disappointing and unnecessary for anyone to purchase insurance that is ultimately going to be ineffectual and not serve as the restorative solution the consumer expects. I believe this happens because consumers choose not to learn about what they are buying and instead simply rely on price as their deciding factor. With the changes occurring in coverage, underwriting, and pricing, consumers need to take an active role in buying their home insurance and stop considering it as a passive obligation or unwanted expense. Insurance is an asset.

Consumers typically spend more time researching minor purchase likes appliances, cars, or vacations than they do home insurance. Yet an insurance policy that fails to meet their expectations and provide a favourable result can cost considerably more in terms of real financial loss. I encourage home owners to seek guidance and advice of an insurance professional – price should not be your deciding factor. With insurance, as many consumer products, one usually gets what one pays for.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon.ca in paperback with a Kindle version also available.  You may also pick up a copy at our office at 462 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON.