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Business Services: Commercial Advantage

Your time is better spent growing your business than wading through insurance policies.  Our Commercial Advantage TM program lets that happen.

Our Commercial Advantage TM program is a holistic approach to risk management.  Working with us means we wade through the paperwork as assess the risks and threats to your business.  We develop the affordable insurance solutions and present a clear and understandable package.  We concern ourselves with your entire operations today and in the future.  This is our unique approach.  It is not about selling you a single policy it is about ensuring the continuity of your business and the preservation of your family's lifestyle.    A sample of some of the standard coverage employed is listed below.  Where your operations require, more specialized and risk specific policy wordings are employed.

Property & Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability

Provides employers with protection against claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment or other employment-related issues made by employees, former employees or potential employees

Property Insurance

Property Insurance provides protection against loss to real property.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects the insured against financial loss that they become legally obligated to pay to third parties as compensatory damages because of bodily injury or property damage. This coverage can be enhanced with excess; wrap-up and umbrella liability cover being added.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

A specialized form of professional liability coverage for when, in your professional capacity, you or an employee errors or omits something which causes loss to a third party.    


There are three parties involved in bonding: the Principal, the Obligee and the Surety. The Principal or contractor doing the work retains the risk. The bonds provide protection for the Owner of the project, or the Obligee, that the contract will be completed.  There are many different tpyes of bonds each designed to respond to specific circumstances.  

Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance protects your company and the personal assets of individual directors and officers in the event the corporate entity and directors and officers are sued over the performance of your company related duties.

Equipment Breakdown

Protection against the sudden and accidental breakdown of machinery and equipment—mechanical, electrical--and explosion of pressure vessels.

Business Interruption

Replacement of lost business income as the result of a cessation of your operations due to an insured peril.  The typical indemnity period is twelve months.

Environmental Impairment Liability

Insurance designed to cover losses and liabilities arising from damage to property caused by pollution caused by you.

Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto/Fleet Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance can provide coverage for a single qualified employee driver or a fleet of vehicles used for your business operations.

Business Protection Insurance

Life Insurance

There are two basic types of policies: permanent (whole and universal life) and temporary (term life). Simply put, permanent coverage remains in effect for the lifetime of the insured, while temporary coverage expires after a set term.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your family's income and lifestyle in case you become suddenly disabled or unable to work regularly for an extended period due to accident or specified illness.

There are important differences in coverage among various disability policies. Even the way in which a "disability" is defined can vary (for example, whether illness as well as injury is included). The Reith & Associates team will help you choose a policy that protects you from your specific risks and protects your unique lifestyle.

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance is protection of a business firm against the financial loss caused by death or disability of a vital member of the firm. This coverage is a means of protecting the business from the adverse results of the loss of an individual possessing special skills or experience.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance pays a pre-determined lump sum, tax-free benefit if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness specified in the plan. You are allowed to spend the funds as you choose. Critical Illness insurance provides immediate funds, relieving your family from some of the financial burden associates with the illnes.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Travel & Medical Insurance takes the worry out of travel by taking care of your emergency medical expenses, and providing access to a wide range of medical and travel services anywhere in the world.  This coverage is applicable whether you are travelling throughout Canada or anywhere in the world.

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Employee Benefits

Group RRSPs

Group RRSPs are a collection of individual RRSPs for the employees of a company. Participants contribute to their own personal, customized RRSP.

A Group RRSP is a "pay yourself first" program that has all the advantages of an individual RRSP, plus it provides an immediate and significant tax deduction on an employee's pay. Contributions are systematically made by payroll deduction before the tax is taken off. By committing to a regular payroll deduction program the hard job of saving becomes a lot easier.

Group Benefits

Group Benefits are financial benefits to both you and your employees, providing tax-effective compensation. Overall, it's a great way to build company loyalty.

Why offer a Group Benefits package?

  • attract and retain talented people to your organization
  • protect and improve the well-being of your employees
  • reward and motivate employees

Start with understanding all of the risks that you and your employees face and set some objectives for dealing with them. Most companies share the responsibility with their employees, through various cost-sharing strategies.

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Possible Group Benefits may include:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Dental coverage
  • Out of country emergency medical care
  • Health Spending Account
  • Accidental dental benefits
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Hearing aids
  • Medical items, such as hospital beds, braces, foot orthotics, canes, crutches, prosthetics
  • Medical services, such as lab tests, diagnostic tests and x-rays
  • Home care services (nursing care)
  • Paramedical practitioner services, such as physiotherapist, psychologist, massage therapist, chiropractor etc.
  • Semi-private or private hospital room coverage