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Personal Services: Personal Advantage

Your time is better spent with your family than wading through policies for your home, auto, cottage, boat, life, disability, long term care and/or critical illness insurance.  Our Personal Advantage TM program lets that happen. 

Our Personal Advantage TM program is a holistic approach. Working with us means we wade through the paperwork and assess the risks and threats to your family.  We develop the affordable insurance solutions and present a clear and understandable package. We concern ourselves with your entire lifestyle and needs, today and in the future. This is our unique process. It is not about selling you a single policy it is about ensuring the continuity of your family's lifestyle and dignity after a loss. A sample of some of the standard coverage is listed below. Where your family requires more specialized and risk specific policy wordings we can take care of that. 

Property Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance can help protect your home and the personal items there in. You'll need the basic coverage that prepares you for an unexpected loss or damage, as well as the coverage that gives you a valuable safety net for your investment.

Condo Insurance

As a condominium owner, you're in a unique position because you have both common and individual insurance needs. While your condo association is typically responsible for the exterior of the units and the association's property, you'll need protection for your personal property and from liability. Condo insurance can also help provide protection for certain additional assessment fees.  When considering condo insurance it is critical that you know how your condomimium corporation is organized and the corporations definition of a "standard unit".    

Apartment/Renter's Insurance

Your property isn't any less valuable just because you rent, and you still have liability as a tenant. A Renter's insurance policy can help you protect your belongings, large or small, from the unexpected and help safeguard your savings from personal liability.

Personal Watercraft

Whether a powerboat, sailboat or jet ski, for use on the lakes, oceans or international waters we are able to develop a program that meets your specific needs.

Personal Umbrella Liability

A Personal Umbrella liability policy extends the basic coverage provided in different types of liability policies, including home, auto, boat and tenant policies. This type of policy provides broad coverage, meaning that some claims that would not be covered by a standard policy may be covered under the umbrella. However, an umbrella policy only responds once the regular coverage amount is exceeded. Generally, the insured's standard policies must contain minimum levels of liability coverage that are specified by the insurance company in order to add an umbrella policy, and therefore, greater liability coverage.

Mortgage Insurance

When you purchase Mortgage Insurance your family can continue the lifestyle to which they have become accustom to, with the proceeds paid out in the event of your death.  Personally owned mortgage insurance is better protection than mortgage insurance offered by your lender at the time of taking out a mortgage.

Auto Insurance

Automobile and Motorcycle Insurance

Automobile and Motorcycle insurance policies are a contract between you and the insurance company to repair or replace the vehicle after an accident, provide financial support for costs associated with medical and rehabilitation expenses for individuals injured in an accident and indemnification should you be sued as a result of being the cause of the accident.  

Classic and Collector Car Insurance

Classic and Collector car insurance is the same as automobile insurance with specific add-ons and options to reflect the special nature of these vehicles.  In addition, pricing reflects the limited use of these cars. 

Trailer and Mobile Home / Motor Home Insurance

Protect the inside and outside of your RV or motor-home, as well as its contents, with RV and motor home insurance.

Personal Benefit Insurance

Life Insurance

There are two basic types of policies: permanent (whole and universal life) and temporary (term life). Simply put, permanent coverage remains in effect for the lifetime of the insured, while temporary coverage expires after a set term.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance pays a pre-determined lump sum, tax-free benefit if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness specified in the plan. You are allowed to spend the funds as you choose. Critical Illness Insurance provides immediate funds, relieving your family from some of the financial burden associated with the illness.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your family's income and lifestyle in case you become suddenly disabled or unable to work regularly for an extended period due to accident or specified illness.

Travel & Medical Insurance

Travel & Medical Insurance takes the worry out of travel by taking care of your emergency medical expenses, and providing access to a wide range of medical and travel services anywhere in the world.  This coverage is applicable whether you are travelling throughout Canada or anywhere in the world.

Apply for Manulife Travel Insurance Online.
Apply for Flexcare, FollowMe and Critical Illness Insurance Online.

Family Transition Services

Reith & Associates will assist you when a life-changing event such as a death, separation, divorce, birth or adoption of a child impacts your financial plan.

Living Benefits

Critical Illness Insurance

Getting sick isn't something any of us like to think about until it happens to you. While you take care of yourself, what will happen to your business?   Will the funds be there to help with the mortgage and retrofitting the house for accessibility?   Critical Illness Insurance benefits ensure there is.

Long Term Care Insurance

Allows you to plan for the quality of care you want with the dignity you deserve. It ensures you control, flexibility and freedom.

Individual Health Insurance

If you are one of the millions of Canadians without an employer group health plan, and are vulnerable to rising health care costs not covered by government insurance, we can help you. A well-coordinated individual health insurance plan is a living benefit that is an integral part of your family's financial health. Investment Savings & Banking

Guaranteed Investment Funds

A guaranteed investment fund is a pool of investments that are owned by many people and managed by professional portfolio managers. Investors buy shares or units of the fund and can redeem them at any time.

Investment Planning

Your Reith & Associates financial advisor will determine your investment needs to fit your individual circumstances.   We investigate the markets so you can be assured of a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle today.   Frequent reviews ensure this plan serves well into the future.

Lifestyle Planning

Having and maintaining a certain lifestyle has become important to many.  Enjoying the added freedom of retirement without compromising the lifestyle you have come to enjoy means a certain level of financial stability has been achieved.  We will work with you to develop a plan and strategy to ensure financial stability and comfort in your retirement years.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a voluntary individual retirement plan funded with your own earnings. Subject to certain limits, each dollar you contribute to the plan lowers your taxable income by the amount you invest.

Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF)

Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) provide more retirement income flexibility than annuities. They require annual minimum withdrawals and allow lump-sum withdrawals of any amount for emergencies and other purposes (e.g. trip, purchase of a vehicle).

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can help you be better prepared for the world that awaits your child or grandchild.

Tax-Free Savings Account 

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is another way to save for your short- and long-term financial goals without affecting your Registered Retirement Savings Plan contributions. Whether you are putting money aside for a down payment on a cottage, saving for a major purchase, building your emergency savings or helping to ensure you have enough savings to live a comfortable retirement, a TFSA can help.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is intended to help parents and others save for the long-term financial security of a person with severe or prolonged disabilities who are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit. This plan allows the beneficiary to accumulate funds by means of deposits and tax-deferred growth.

Banking and Mortgages


We, at Reith & Associates are pleased to offer our clients Manulife One* banking. It brings together your mortgage, savings and income into one multi-purpose "borrowing and chequing" account.

We also are able to offer the Manulife "Personal Advantage Account" and the "Business Advantage Account".   These accounts pay the highest interest available in the market.


Buying a home is an exciting and important life decision. Being a first time home buyer means that you will have many decisions to make, and just as many questions that need answering. No matter what stage in the home buying process you're at, we have all the information you'll need along the way.

The basic features to consider when selecting a mortgage include:

  • Conventional or High-ratio Mortgages
  • Fixed rate or Variable rate Mortgages
  • Short term or Long term Mortgages
  • Open or Closed Mortgages

*Manulife Bank Mortgage products are referral arrangements through HUB Financial.