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Business & Personal Wealth Management and Personal Tax Advisory Service

As a Business and Personal Wealth Management client you are guaranteed the following standards of professional care:

Your business and personal investment accounts will be managed by a professionally trained and licensed Broker/Advisor duly registered by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)—the provincial regulator.  Your Broker/Advisor’s license will be in good standing and they will complete annual continuing education which exceeds the FSCO mandate.   

Your account is reviewed by your Broker/Advisor with you, face to face, based upon a mutually agreed to schedule of review and engagement but not less than every three (3) years.  Your protection will not be sacrificed for price.  Your asset allocation and investment mix will be based on your defined goals, objectives, needs, dreams and current financial situation as determined through our detailed discovery.

Investment allocation will not be predicted solely on the annual management fee but on a regularly updated personal risk tolerance and asset allocation and needs analysis.

As a client of our Tax Advisory Services you are guaranteed the following standards of professional care:

Your personal income tax return will be reviewed, prepared and filed by a member of our Personal Tax Advisory team.  The team will map a bespoke plan to reduce, where possible, your tax burden and enhance your family's future.  Your Tax Advisor will meet annually, in person, or more frequently if your circumstances require.  A Personal Tax Advantage DiscoveryTM will be completed with annual updates to ensure your defined goals, objectives needs and dreams are met.  This is a fee for service offering exclusive to clients of Reith & Associates. Our Personal Tax Advisory Team is led by Patrick Erb; an experienced tax advisor.