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Liability insurance in St. Thomas, Ontario

Compensate for personal injuries, harm and property damages

Safeguard businesses against legal action & lawsuits

Running a business is no cakewalk. There are risks company owners may not imagine unless slapped with an embarrassing, legal case amounting to millions of dollars in compensation.

This is where Reith & Associates comes into the picture. We help businesses overcome troubles like these with liability insurance in Ontario.

It typically covers compensation claims for causing

  • Bodily injuries
  • Property damage
  • Personal injuries

We will compare top liability insurance policies and suggest the one that fits your business coverage needs and at competitive market rates.

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Who gets protection cover under liability insurance in Ontario

Businesses are comparatively more likely to face liability claims than individuals. Whether running a small business or large enterprise, owning business liability insurance in Ontario protects a wider coverage that includes

  • Employees who are charged with claims of causing bodily harm or personal injury to customers or unknown people and or property
  • Customers who are fairly compensated for medical bills and hospital expenses if the liability claims are proven right
  • your business that is protected from premature closure and is allowed to continue working during the entire process

Business liability insurance does more than you can think of at the start. It generally covers the cost of

  • hiring a defence lawyer for legal representation
  • The settlement with the prosecution: in or out-of-court
  • Court fees and allowance for daily hearings

Get the best protection cover for your business with Reith & Associates. We have many big insurance brands working with us yet our loyalty remains with the clients. We help you discover multiple liability insurance options Ontario offers to SMEs in IT, consulting, healthcare, media, entertainment and many other industries.

Types of liability insurance Ontario businesses need

Depending on the nature of your business, geographical location, business risks, and the market, you can choose the best liability insurance in Ontario.

General Liability Insurance

Covers personal and property expenses incurred against your business products/services

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

Protects company directors and officers if in case their name is mentioned in the lawsuits.

Product liability insurance

Compensates for the physical harm or bodily injuries caused due to faulty product

Professional liability insurance

Intended for doctors, accountants, lawyers against professionals negligence/malpractices

Tenant legal liability

Compensates for the damage caused to the owner’s assets or property.

Cyber liability insurance

Covers damages business data breach or cyber theft causes like credit card details, etc.

When you run a business, you are accountable to the people who work for you and are liable to pay damages for mistakes you have committed — intended or unintended.

Starting with understanding your business liability insurance needs in Ontario, sharing instant quotes to buying the policy, and beyond, you can have Reith & Associates help 24*7.

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Frequently asked questions

Individuals running any business —from or away from home — and or providing professional services over a consultation like doctors, lawyers, builders, designers and engineers should have general liability insurance in Ontario.

One may not feel the immediate need of the policy but a policy like this compensate for damages caused to a person(s) and property as the result of your business products or services.

Also, a company with comprehensive liability insurance in Ontario gives a clear message that they will take complete responsibility for their actions should anything unfortunate happen to customers or to someone’s property.

Professional liability insurance provides comprehensive coverage to all independent professionals like doctors, physiotherapists, accountants, lawyers, architects, builders, contractors, engineers and IT consultants.

As the stakes are high in the case of professionals like these, there are some types one can consider:

Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance: A mistake made on a piece of paper makes a big difference if that’s made by professionals. For instance, if the builder failed to meet the safety construction guidelines, then he or she is liable to pay the damages due to non-performance.

Malpractice insurance typically covers medical and health professionals. For instance, if a doctor by mistake prescribed a wrong medicine that on consumption worsened the condition of the patient. Such mistakes can prove to be costly but liability insurance saves you big legal money in the entire process.

No. yet businesses are encouraged to buy one to stay financially protected against 3rd party claims of bodily harm, personal injuries and property damage.

The actual cost depends on a number of factors including

  • Industry
  • Business nature and risk profile
  • Total-experience
  • The market worth of the business
  • Geographical location and neighbourhood
  • Number of Employees
  • Insurance Claims History

Commercial property insurance protects a business from theft, fire, water damage and many such unforeseen risks and accidents. Whereas business general liability insurance is designed to compensate in the event the company gets sued.

Speak to one of our insurance brokers and find which fits your business or possibly you can ask for a tailored policy and save some extra bucks in the process.

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