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Commercial Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

Looking for commercial insurance is a tough job.
What do you really need to protect yourself,
your business and employees?

You need The Reith Advantage.


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Auto Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

Auto Insurance

We're a broker that focuses just as much
on great services as we do price.
That's The Reith Advantage.

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Home Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

Home Insurance

Experience the comfort of knowing your family
and possessions are protected.
That’s The Reith Advantage.

Personal Insurance
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Life Insurance St. Thomas ON

Life Insurance

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re older
life insurance makes sense
for different reasons.

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Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

Expert Financial Advice

With over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure
you always get the best guidance.

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Commercial Insurance St. Thomas ON

Looking for commercial insurance can be tough. What do you really need to protect yourself, your business and employees?

We can help by understanding you and your business and design a solution that’s perfect for you. That’s The Reith Advantage.

Insurance Provider St. Thomas ON

How do you pick a trusted partner that is dedicated to your mission of success and prosperity?  Thousands of companies have used Reith & Associates since 1914 – we can be your trusted partner.

Let's meet and you'll experience our experience.

Experience The Reith Advantage

It’s time to shop for your new commercial insurance solution and we can earn your business.  The Reith Advantage has been developed over the past 100+ years to protect you, your business and your employees.

Auto Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

In the province of Ontario having auto insurance is the law. Finding a broker just as focused on great service as they are on giving you the best price is just as important.  That’s Reith & Associates; that’s The Reith Advantage.

Insurance Broker Ontario

You’re ready to change and you’re evaluating new brokers for your business.  Do you go for price or do you go for great service.  How about both!

That’s the Reith Advantage.

Are you ready for a change in your Auto Insurance?

Experience The Reith Advantage

Let’s talk change with great service and great pricing for your auto insurance needs.  Book a consultation today and you and your family can start to experience The Reith Advantage that comes with 100+ years of being in business.

Home Insurance St. Thomas ON

As a home owner you don’t want to find out your single largest purchase isn’t covered when a loss occurs.  You want the comfort of knowing your family and possessions are protected. That’s The Reith Advantage.

Property Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

When you combine your home and auto insurance together under a single carrier, you are eligible for significant discounts.

Need the comfort of knowing we've got you covered?

That's The Reith Advantage

With over 100 years of servicing our community, Reith & Associates has your home and auto insurance covered. Let’s sit down and you can start to experience The Reith Advantage.

Life Insurance Ontario

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re older – life insurance makes sense – for different reasons.  Looking after your family or, looking after the transfer of assets and funeral costs.  The reasons for life insurance is as unique as you are. We can help you with the right solution. That’s The Reith Advantage.

Life Insurance Broker St. Thomas ON

What’s a good insurance choice?  A good insurance broker.  With over 100 years helping our community stay safe, and ensuring the continuity of families we’re Reith & Associates – we’ve got you covered.

Your Life Insurance needs are as unique are you are

We can help with the Reith Advantage

We’ve got you covered!  Whether you are just starting out or your a senior, we can design your unique life insurance solution.  Let’s meet to review your goals and talk about The Reith Advantage.

Investment Advisor St. Thomas ON

Choosing an Investment Advisor is one of the most import things you’ll ever do – a choice that impact you far into your future.  How do you choose wisely? Go with experience.  We’ve been working with families in our community for over 100 years.  That’s The Reith Advantage.

Investment Advisor Ontario

If you’re ready to make a switch then we’ll earn your business.  We’ll provide the best investment advice, balanced with excellent services and rates.  Talk to us about why we’re better – how the Reith Advantage can benefit you.

The Value of Financial Advice - Benefits of Working with Us

That's the Reith Advantage

Growing, protecting and transferring your wealth requires a good plan – one that will be suited to your needs, goals, aspirations, circumstances, lifestyle and life stages.  Let’s meet and build your plan.

About Reith & Associates Insurance And Financial Services Limited: Your Home Insurance Broker in St. Thomas, ON

Gateway to the Reith Advantage

Reith & Associates is a passionate team of individual and commercial insurance brokers in St. Thomas, ON. Our insurance brokers are highly trained and experienced in caring for individuals and their property to ensure everyone can focus on other essential aspects of daily life.

Whether you’re looking for a home insurance broker, property insurance broker, auto insurance broker, life insurance broker, or any other type of insurance, you can trust our experienced team can give you the desired results.

We have distinguished ourselves with a unique process known as “Mission to Your Prosperity.” This discovery method allows us to collect data and implement it into a digital platform that provides an exceptional client experience.

Our insurance brokers are experts in commercial and individual insurance to meet our clients’ varying needs. We have numerous awards and accolades that showcase our expertise as insurance brokers.

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